Building Your Lead
Generation Machine

We help you select the strategies, tactics and tools best suited to your requirements. Integration is the key to digital success. Much like estimating labor and materials required to build, equip and operate a brick & mortar business, our digital ecosystems require a similar set of considerations.

These are the steps we take to ensure every client's success…

Step One: Understanding Scope

The nature of your business determines the cost considerations we encounter when developing budgets for planning, designing and managing your online marketing & sales investments.

  • Your Company’s Mission
  • Short-term Objectives
  • Long-term Vision
  • Key Markets
  • Customer Types

Step Two: Determining Scale

The following are a few of the items that we need to consider to get a realistic cost estimate for building and operating your Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Ecosystem to its full potential.

  • The complexity of your business’ products, services, markets & customer types
  • Speed and Magnitude of the initial ecosystem platform launch
  • Count of website, landing and social media content pages being created
  • CRM & Marketing Automation technology feature-sets
  • In-house vs. Managed Services levels
  • Content Types and Publishing Frequency
  • Digital AdSpend

Step Three: Capabilities & Complexities

These three LEVELS are intended to show you the full-range of Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience Ecosystem capabilities that exist and can be used as a simple guide to start designing your own Ecosystem.

Digital Marketing & Sales Capability Levels

Step Four: Design - Build

Digital Marketing is an iterative process. MORE Online NOW guides you through each planning cycle further advancing your online presence and sales lead generation capabilities.


All Clients receive four hours of our time at no-charge to understand and document the first steps of building the right Lead Generation Machine for your Organization. You should not have to pay someone to learn the fundamentals of your Business or for your team to consider the options you have available to become More Online Now!

Step Five: Results... and MORE Results

This chart is from an annual M.I.T. student research project displaying the ramp-up timeline for sales lead generation counts for Inbound Marketing using the Hubspot Marketing Automation ecosystem or what we call a “Level Two” Lead Generation Machine.

“Average results” generated over 9,000 Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) within one year and a half from these Ecosystems’ launch!

Ecosystem Pricing

MORE Online NOW First-Year Budgeting Guidelines
(Based on a fully Outsourced Pricing Model)

Estimated CostsLEVEL 1LEVEL 2LEVEL 3
Design & Build-Out:$30,000$48,000$90,000 & Up
Technology Costs: $15,000$22,000$60,000 & Up
Digital AdSpend: $12,000 & Up$18,000 & Up$30,000 & Up
12 Month Totals = $60,000 est. $90,000 est. $150,000+ est.

Estimated Costs

Design & Build-Out:$30,000
Technology Costs:$15,000
Digital AdSpend:$12,000 & Up
12 Month Totals =$60,000 est.
Design & Build-Out:$48,000
Technology Costs:$22,000
Digital AdSpend:$18,000 & Up
12 Month Totals =$90,000 est.
Design & Build-Out:$90,000 & Up
Technology Costs:$60,000 & Up
Digital AdSpend:$30,000 & Up
12 Month Totals =$150,000+ est.
Whitepaper Ebook

Marketing, Sales & the Customer Experience: A Spec-Sheet for Creating Success

Download this educational document to get a big picture overview of the essential elements to create a successful Digital Marketing, Sales and Customer Experience ecosystem. We want to help you understand the key success factors and start to scope and inventory your existing assets for building your own online Lead Generation Machine.